Compare the Volvo XC90 to the BMW X5

Compare the Volvo XC90 vs. the BMW X5


When our York ME customers want an attractive SUV that doesn't sacrifice style for spaciousness, they know that the Volvo XC90 is a top contender. Everything about this model is stylish, posh, and sophisticated, adopting an alluring appeal that drivers of all kinds can get behind. When you've been aching to drive an SUV that is more than a clunky and boxy people hauler, you know the XC90 has your needs met. Sleek and agile, this SUV moves with a dignified grace you expect from the Volvo brand.

While the SUV segment continues to grow faster than any other, the XC90 is met with its share of competitors. We understand that it is only natural to compare models to ensure you get the SUV that suits the type of lifestyle you lead, which is why we're proud to show you how the Volvo XC90 compares to the BMW X5. In terms of features, safety, and performance, you'll see who comes out ahead.

Features & Safety

  • Straight away, the BMW X5 will cost you a lot more than the Volvo XC90, even when comparably equipped.
  • If you seek an SUV with cargo volume, the XC90 is your pick because it offers up to 41.8 cubic feet with the seats up, and up to 85.7 cubic feet with the seats folded. With the X5, Portsmouth drivers get only 35.8 cubic feet of cargo space with seats up, and up to 76.7 cubic feet with seats folded.
  • With the Volvo XC90 you get access to Spotify, Pandora, Stitcher, and more, but with the X5, these are not listed on the base model.
  • The Volvo XC90 offers a power liftgate, which is something the X5 can offer, however, the X5 does not provide a sensor-activated liftgate like the XC90.
  • Do you want Apple CarPlay and Android Auto? These days it's imperative to have smartphone connectivity, and the Volvo XC90 offers this on the base trim, while the X5 simply has Apple CarPlay alone as an optional feature.
  • With the X5, adaptive cruise control is optional on the base trim, but with the XC90 T5 Momentum, you will enjoy this feature by default.


  • For the road warrior, getting better gas mileage is key, and the XC90 can provide you with better fuel economy than the X5 can.
  • The BMW X5 is a rear-wheel drive SUV, while the Volvo XC90 is a front-wheel drive SUV. To include all-wheel drive in the XC90, you will spend less than you would for AWD in the X5.
  • The BMW X5 offers just 1,110 pounds of payload, yet the Volvo XC90 delivers up to 1,678 pounds.
  • Exeter customers can celebrate the XC90 for plenty of reasons, but its ability to offer a hybrid model is something that the X5 charges more than $60,000 to drive.
  • While both hybrid models are efficient, the range for the XC90 T8 eAWD is better than the X5 xDrive40e iPerformance. The Volvo model offers up to 63 mpg highway, while the BMW hybrid offer delivers up to 55 mpg highway.

When our Dover customers are ready to see up close why the Volvo XC90 is a better investment than the BMW X5, you can visit our dealership and take a test drive. Volvo is a luxury brand that has so much to offer you for ways to improve your commute, and whether you travel often, or you make plans for the occasional vacation with friends or family, a Volvo XC90 can be just what you have been looking for in a vehicle.

With such careful preparation, the XC90 has managed to provide versatile driving experiences for all who sit behind the wheel. Visit us today to learn more about financing, and our team will get you into the Volvo lease or loan that makes the most sense for your budget and lifestyle.

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