Winters can be a beautiful and magical time in Portsmouth and Dover, NH. The changing of the seasons brings new life to the region as the temperature begins to drop and snow begins to fall. But that also means treacherous conditions on the roads. Just because Jack Frost is moving into your York, ME neighborhood doesn't mean you need to avoid driving in the winter conditions. Volvo Cars of Exeter wants to get you on the road ready to conquer the winter.

Check Your Equipment

The best way to prepare your Volvo for the winter season is to make sure everything is working well and in good condition. New windshield wipers and cold-weather washer fluid or de-icer will ensure you will be able to see clearly in any snow or ice storm. Check your battery to make sure it is at full power so that you won't get stranded on the side of an Exeter highway.

Hitting the road is no use if your tires are wearing down. Bring your vehicle to Volvo Cars of Exeter and let our service team see how much tread you have on your wheels. If the tread on your tires is getting low or uneven, you will compromise traction on your tires, and put you at risk of sliding off the road. Whether you need rotation or replacement, find the perfect winter tires for your Volvo in Exeter.

Another item to consider is as simple as checking your mileage. When you come in for your next oil change, let us put in the right viscosity for your engine. The wrong viscosity means your engine will work even harder to stay loose and lubricated. Our team know what your engine needs to work best.

Be Prepared for Anything

There is more to being prepared than just keeping your car in great shape. Keep an Emergency Kit in Your Volvo. No matter how safe you think you are, there are conditions beyond your control that could find you stranded far from home. Pack a kit with jumper cables, flashlight and batteries, flares or reflectors, blankets, tools, and a first aid kit. With luck, you will never need to use them, but it is important to have.

Don't get caught off guard this winter. Bring your Volvo to Volvo Cars of Exeter, and we'll get your car ready to tackle the ice and snow that comes during the winter. Don't take a chance when the mercury falls. Let the team Volvo Cars of Exeter take care of you.

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